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The Predictive and Actionable IoT/M2M Analytics Platform

From Sensors to Smart Services

The xMachina IoT/M2M Analytics Platform


Optimize your organization's ability to "See" at all levels, by taking advantage of instrumented IoT/M2M assets and processes, both hardware and software.


The xMachina IoT Data Machine provides connectivity using all major commercial device protocols (e.g., OPC, Modbus) as well as application, database, and historian API libraries.


Synthesize your process data using xMachina's native support for many existing and emerging M2M standards. Our powerful “IoT Context Engine” enables raw data measures, dimensions, and metrics mapping to your selected context(e.g. Plant floor, Building Operations, Business Processes, etc.).


The IoT Analytics Engine allows for visualization of distilled and synthesized information using both existing instrumented generated data and user defined "virtual" metrics, process parameters, and calculation formulas. All metrics can then be assigned targets with alerts/notifications as well as traditional dashboard, scorecard, and reporting.


The IoT Analytics Engine also enables powerful reporting functions which will support multiple overlays of metrics/KPIs to produce contextual comparisons to leverage trends & patterns for “What-Ifs” and Planning scenarios.


Partners can support their customer’s applications using the secure xMachina IoT/M2M Cloud or choose to provide independent Cloud hosting and support including on premise implementations.